Saturday, January 31, 2009

When the boat comes in!!

I love to dream of fish fresh from the sea and the other day my dream came true! OH and Teenboy went on a fishing expedition before the new school year begins and came home with this catch. Now usually our fishing results in lots of well fed fish in the sea and a very empty frying pan but not this time. OH was so pleased with the catch that he cleaned and barbequed them for dinner.

The top fish is a taylor, a predatory fish which has very sharp teeth but makes good eating. The lower fish is a Maori wrasse which is lovely to look at and just as good to eat.

These were simply moistened with a bit of olive oil and a splash of lemon juice, walloped on the barbeque then served with potato salad and fresh sweet corn. It doesn't get much better than that!


arista said...

They sound delicious - and very fresh. And very hunter-gatherer - they go off and catch the meat while you rustle up the veg. perfect!

Coby said...

Mmm, I asked my OH if he'd like to see the fish your OH and son caught...He looked a little aprehensive as he's not been catching anything of late! He was very impressed:) No wonder, as they look so delicious. Barbecued fish? Is there a better option? I think not! Gives my man hope!

JillyB said...

Arista, it felt very much like that...the boys bringing in the meat!
Coby, tell OH that we spend far more time threading prawns onto hooks than we ever do taking fish off and when we do most are too small and go straight back!