Sunday, October 5, 2008

A 'Noughty' Birthday Cake!

Hah! Not that sort of naughty but a birthday with a significant nought on the end! It's OH's birthday on Tuesday and as it's a public holiday tomorrow, we're having a 'Nearly Birthday' day then!
The cake has been months in it's planning as I've been using Little One's playdough to practise making the rugby player. I then made the figure, based on OH when he played at school before I started work and it's been sitting quietly in the cupboard for about 5 weeks. Underneath the icing is a chocolate mud cake with a chocolate ganache sticking the icing to it. I think that the candles are actually AFL balls but no one will notice I'm sure.
Now I'm just waiting to cut the thing and eat a great big slice!
Happy Birthday, love!